Twitter Bootstrap is pretty badass. What’s that, the icons aren’t GPL? WP Honey Badger don’t give a shit. It uses whatever license it wants and then submits Bootstrap-based themes to the theme repo. Twitter’s honey is my honey, stupid. The WP Honey Badger doesn’t care. It’s getting emailed a hundred times by pissed off stupids whining about licenses. It doesn’t give a shit. It’s productive…and hungry.


query_posts is one of WP Honey Badger’s favorite functions. Like the WP Honey Badger, it has a distinctly long body, broad shoulders, and loose skin which allows it to move about freely and twist around your code, wreaking havoc on all the global variables and running extra queries all over the place. Think WP Honey Badger gives a shit about your precious $wp_query object? It don’t give a shit about your conditional tags.

Hacking core

What’s that? You want to add and remove things to the user edit screen? Forget hooks, better edit core files.

Thanks for the Twitter love, stupid!

Capital P

WP Honey Badger spells WordPress however it wants. It don’t care about capital P’s. What, your precious “p” isn’t capitalized? WP Honey Badger don’t have time for the shift key because it’s hungry.


WP Honey Badgers have a long body, but a distinctly squat W on its side that’s, you know, a fauxgo. WP Honey Badger don’t give a shit about logo design.

Admin scripts and styles

WP Honey Badger don’t give a shit if you don’t want all that extra JavaScript and CSS on all of your admin pages. It just drags scripts around and leaves them everywhere. Eww, it’s so nasty.